High Performance Iron Oxide for Biogas Production

  • N-Bio Solutions is a Proprietary Pre-Treatment Mixture of iron oxides and other functional oxides specifically developed to be added to anaerobic digesters. N-Bio 10, 20, 30, or a custom mix for your site is available.
  • N-Bio Solutions is 1.5-3.0+ times more effective than any other Iron Oxide product on the market.
  • N-Bio Solutions Pre-Treatment additives are compatible with all existing Biogas Systems and all existing H2S treatment processes.
  • N-Bio Solutions increases biogas production, and improves project economics.
  • N-Bio Solutions is non-toxic and extends the life cycle of all downstream equipment.
  • N-Bio Solutions as a Slurry Mix is added directly into the project’s mixing tank(s) or digester feed lines.


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